It certainly feels like the months continue to roll on faster than ever, with no sign of the Melbourne real estate market softening. However, with so many predictions, assessments and forecasts of what will happen next, one thing for sure is that the crystal ball is indeed foggy with the narrative continuing to change ever so slightly.   Even slight language variations from the RBA that initially suggested interest rate changes from ‘no earlier than 2024’ to just ‘2024’ creates some uncertainty of when interest changes may start shifting. Nonetheless, interest rates may not increase substantially due to the sensitivities of the debt servicing ratios in the owner occupiers’ market, and as suggested by Bill Evans in his latest note, not more than a 1.25% increase.


With so many factors contributing to rates changes that impact our decisions to buy or sell, one thing that continues to impress is the seniority of our sales teams across every Hodges office.  From Cranbourne to our newest office in Ocean Grove, the commitment to servicing the needs of our community and knowledge in their local market is impressive.  All the Hodges offices contribute to their local community with a deep desire to give back and contribute even more warming when communities need it the most.


All Hodges offices over the past 12 months have had to extend themselves, become more agile, and as a result, have grown in stature and earned the respect of all in their community and their colleagues.  With the year that has passed, where many have struggled, our leaders at our Hodges offices have found a way to succeed.  All our sales teams need to be recognised, however, as always a handful of explementary people achieving amazing results should be acknowledged. Special congratulations to Angus Graham (Sandringham), Andrew Plousi (Mentone) and Marcus Falconer (Geelong) for all achieving significant milestones in their careers in Real Estate.


The next financial year at Hodges will see changes in the way we do business. Our corporate team look forward to rolling out our 12-month plan at our mini-conference next week. Our plans look to introduce new marketing channels, messages and a website that truly reflects who we are at Hodges.