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The rise of females at Hodges

August 21, 2018 Uncategorised

Traditionally our industry has been pioneered by male sales agents. However, at Hodges, this is radically evolving. We are extremely ecstatic to announce that over the last few months we have secured and initiated eight new Directors to our team of the longest running Real Estate Agents in Victoria. What’s more? Out of these eight new Directors, five are female!

At Hodges Real Estate we have been recognising an emerging pool of women agents who are setting seemingly impossibly high standards that will be difficult for their peers to surpass in coming years. It’s fantastic to see this is now been highlighted and recognised at a Directorship level.

The diversity challenge in our industry is still predominantly acknowledged, with women holding less than 10% of CEO positions in the property industry and occupying only 25% of management positions.

We are proud to welcome our newest Directors of 2018: Christine Henderson, Director at Hodges Beaumaris, Eilat Rachmani, Director at Hodges Caulfield, Kylie Charlton and Angus Graham, Directors at Hodges Sandringham, Mark Eddy and Pandelis Plousi, Directors at Hodges Mentone, and Sally Bell and Doris Garofalo, Directors at Hodges Yarraville.

This level of company growth is phenomenal. As the longest running real estate agency in Victoria, it’s inspiring to see us pioneering in combatting the property diversity challenge. Recent statistics have indicated that despite filling more than 50% non-leadership roles, women only hold a quarter of the industry’s leadership positions. The fact that we have acquired five new female directors, is a huge achievement. Our women are leading from the front and are bringing a unique skill set to the conventional real estate game.

Hodges first female group CEO, Carmel Kellett comments with the following…

“For over 160 years Hodges has been a respected brand in the Victorian real estate market and my role is to build on this profound foundation to help it become the leading real estate brand in Victoria. All employees, partners and franchisees deserve to contribute to a company that is progressive in its approach and supports them with achieving their financial and personal goals.”

As Melbourne’s longest serving real estate business it’s exciting that we are leading the way in breaking down the long-standing industry barriers for female leaders. We have a very clear mandate, to ensure the best person for the job is appointed, it’s important to not only have a culture that encourages that, but one that allows both men and women to flourish and grow.

It is important to highlight there are so many opportunities for women in leadership positions in Hodges. We are a company that favours hard-working people who have ambition.”

As Hodges’ first CEO, Carmel joins the ranks of high profile female executives who are leading the way in property’s diversity challenge.

By 2028, women are forecasted to control close to 75% of discretionary spending worldwide. We have a long way to go within the property industry but it’s fantastic to see Hodges actively pioneering the change.