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Sell Strategically – Whatever The Season

November 6, 2014 Caulfield Office News

In his article, Sell Strategically – Whatever The Season, Alex Flamm from Hodges Real Estate Caulfield talks to Property Review Weekly about the advantages of selling throughout the year.

It is without doubt that the warmer weather, particularly the pleasant days of spring, has traditionally been seen as the best time to sell a property. However, this school of thought is shifting, with many people now understanding the merits of listing throughout the year.

Each season presents pros and cons for listing a property, however there is very rarely a definitive good or bad time to sell. In spring, for example, the nicer weather tends to attract more bidders at auction, but vendors also have more competition from other sellers. Vendors who choose to list in spring need to make sure their property stands out from the crowd. Making the most of spring gardens and outdoor areas, and applying a fresh lick of paint, can make a huge difference to the exterior of your property. It is also advisable to get your property on the market at the start of the season, before the market becomes saturated.

Winter has traditionally been regarded as an inadvisable time to sell but this is no longer seen as the case. Fewer listings in winter means less competition from other sellers. With healthy demand during the winter months, sale prices are often equally as good in winter as they are in the warmer seasons. During the winter months, vendors should increase the comfort factor at open for inspections: amp up the heating, showcase fireplaces and be sure to eliminate damp from the property.

There is no right or wrong season to put a property on the market — each property needs to be judged on its own merits. When looking to list, it is crucial to weigh up factors such as current interest rates and market conditions. Ultimately, the state of the economy plays a stronger factor in the sale of a property than the season alone. A good property, at the right price point with the correct marketing will sell whatever the season. Therefore, in order to gain the best return on investment, vendors should think strategically and work with their property’s unique selling points and current market conditions. A good real estate will be able to assess your property and provide you with a successful strategy on how and when to list your property for the best outcomes.

This article appeared in Property Review Weekly on September 26th, 2014.