Investor Information

Selecting a new Property Management business to manage your property can be a challenging process. Hodges makes it easy for you to find the right property manager to represent your needs. So, how should you choose a property manager? Here are some of the things you should look for in your new property manager.

Frequent and clear communication

Finding a renter can be a nervous time for rental providers so it is important that your property manager touches base with you frequently via phone and email and provides general market information and newsletters so that you feel involved in the management process.

Great communication is the key to a long and happy relationship with your property manager!


A deep understanding of the market

A good property manager will set your rent at a reasonable rate, that is achievable and realistic for your property, and that is reflective the current local market.

At Hodges we will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA report) that clearly identifies properties that have been recently let in your area, and ones that are currently vacant .  This allows us to position your property at the correct rental rate allowing us to find a suitable renter faster!


An ability to secure quality tenants

If your rent is set to reflect the market rate and the quality of your investment, finding a quality tenant is usually a relatively simple process.   Securing great tenants is imperative for the longevity of your investment property.

Advertising rental properties on the internet requires that your property manager is available to show to prospective renters with greater flexibility.   In addition to ‘Open for Inspections’,  private appointments are always available.  We provide an automated booking service to ensure that renters can view properties at a time when it best suits them.


Tenant Selection

Choosing the right renter can be a challenging process, and it important to have an extensive selection process with background checks and employment references that leaves nothing to chance.

Hodges have a thorough vetting process to ensure that you can make the best choice when it comes to deciding on the best applicant for your property.  We present all suitable applicants to you for your selection, and will happily assist in the recommendation and selection of your new renters.


Competitive fees

Property management fees can vary, which can sometimes cause confusion to investors.  At the end of the day you want the best service, not the cheapest fees!

Hodges provide an extensive letting and management service to ensure that you are provided with a professional and efficient service that is personalised for your specific needs.   We offer competitive rates for investors with five or more properties.


Regular inspections

Property inspections will give you an insight into how your investment is being cared for  by the renters.  We encourage all investors to view their property on a yearly basis, however in the event that you are unable to attend, your property manager will provide you with a detailed report with plenty of photos.

Regular and detailed inspections will provide you with valuable information relating to repairs and preventative maintenance items ensuring that we can keep your property in great condition.


An experienced and well-trained property manager

It is important that your property manager is experienced in all facets of property management and has access to ongoing training and development to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and advice in relation to your investment property.

At Hodges we believe that it is not just about knowing about the legislation, it’s about your property manager having an in-depth understanding of the legislation and how to use it.  It is a litigious area, so your property manager should have great negotiation and problem solving skills to ensure you get the most consistent advice and solutions to any issues that may arise.


A Director/Owner of the agency that is involved in Property Management

Each Hodges office has a Director who has an active involvement with the property management department, who are involved in the day-to-day management of the property management department and take the business of property management seriously.

At Hodges we take care of your property as if it were our own!