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Introducing Hodges Lara

September 4, 2018 Uncategorised

We are proud to announce the official opening of the Hodges Lara office.

The directors at Hodges Geelong have examined the market in Lara for a number of years and have watched the town grow larger while becoming more invested and involved in the community.

The team involved will operate out of both the Geelong office and the Lara office. Therefore, they are positioned perfectly with an abundance of local knowledge and local market expertise, whilst having already built an exceptional reputation throughout the Lara community.

The Director; Marcus Falconer, chose to expand to Lara due to the ever-growing and popular demand that is currently present in the marketplace for new homes and homes with a large land component.

Ties with the Lara and Geelong office will be strong. The Lara office will act somewhat as a sister office to the Geelong office.

With more jobs and careers becoming available in the outer suburbs of Greater Geelong, Lara is quickly becoming the home for many young families and retirees due to the community involvement.

We are ecstatic to see our Hodges family grow and expand into new territory and serve the wider community. You get more with Hodges!