Hodges Real Estate

International Women’s Day Profile: Simone Chin

March 6, 2015 Brighton Office News


International Women’s Day is held every year on the 8th of March and to celebrate the women at Hodges, we decided to profile of Simone Chin, one of Hodges bayside experts.

For Simone, being a female in the property industry is a rewarding endeavour for both men and women alike. “I love being the go-to person for advice on any current or future real estate matter. It is very satisfying to be able to make a difference during a time of change in people’s lives.”

Working at Hodges has provided a collaborative space where she feels like she can bring her business expertise and knowledge to the table, and know that it will be respected in within a trusted team of colleagues. “This can make the process much, much easier for the Vendors,” she says.

Gender inequality can pronounce itself in many ways, and in the professional world that can translate to a gender-based wage imbalance. However, Simone points out that Hodges promotes the careers of all their employees. “There is gender equality pay in the sales team so real estate is a fabulous career for a woman who has the potential to reach her financial goals on merit,” she says.

“There are so many inspirational corners from which to draw, and I’m excited when I’m in accelerated moments of stretching my limits and growing. Hodges has a collegiate culture, and constantly keeps abreast of professional development so our skills are cutting edge matched.”

As the property space becomes more challenging, with savvy consumers making negotiations more delicate, Simone’s view of Hodges future remains bright and optimistic. “I want to become a brilliant Auctioneer and a mentor to other women coming up in the industry.”