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Dan and Carleen’s winning kitchen set to excite buyers

October 17, 2016 Hodges in the Media

Last night Hodges couple Dan and Carleen received a perfect score for their “spacious” and “beautiful” kitchen and tied first place with Queensland couple Karlie and Will.

Dan and Carleen’s kitchen replicated the success in their adjacent living room and created “a beautifully coherent room that sings,” according to the judges.

Here are the winning features of Dan and Carleen’s kitchen:

  • The wooden cabinetry in the kitchen created a connection to the living room and created incredible space in the room
  • Simplicity is key – an understated design makes a space look luxurious.
  • The grand Caesar stone bench was perfectly proportioned for the space
  • The touches of “bling” with the light fitting and art deco style serving kit created the perfect balance in the masculine room

A kitchen is one of the main communal spaces in a home, with buyers looking for the right balance between space and design, which our Perth couple have perfected. Dan and Carleen have created a spacious “high end European kitchen” that will excite buyers.

With the auction not too far away, Hodges is so proud and excited to take potential buyers through Dan and Carleen’s apartment and help the couple get more for their apartment come auction day.

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