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Hodges Mentone Helps Little Louis Experience More Making Him Co-Auctioneer For The Day

June 5, 2014 Hodges Real Estate Information

Louis and Chris Rae from Hodges Real Estate Mentone auction the property

Four-year-old Louis from Melbourne aims to see and experience as much as he can before he loses his eyesight to a rare genetic condition, Usher Syndrome. Born profoundly deaf, this vibrant toddler is not letting adversity stand in his way.

As reported by the Herald Sun, his parents Emily and Dave Shepard, through the Louis Looking Forward Foundation they have set up, are giving their son as many great experiences as possible before he loses his sight completely.

Last Saturday, Hodges Real Estate Mentone stepped in to deliver Louis an experience to remember by making him part of the exciting auction process of a Mordialloc property. Hodges Mentone also donated a portion of their auction proceeds to the foundation to help fund more experiences and adventures for Louis.

Ms Shepard said the support would allow Louis to see snow for the first time in a trip to Mt Hotham, while also allowing his parents to travel to Boston for an Usher syndrome conference, reported the Herald Sun.

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