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What is your commission fee?

At Hodges we always operate our sales through a commission scheme. This benefits the seller much more than a flat fee scheme as it means the Agent is motivated to go above and beyond to sell your home for the most optimal price. Be wary of flat free schemes and ‘cheaper’ alternatives to selling your home, as there is no reason or motivation for the agency to get you the most optimal price for your home. Although it may seem enticing at first, and appear as a cheaper alternative, it can cost you tens of thousands overall.

With our commission scheme you have the assurance and commitment of your Hodges property professional being relentless in achieving you the best result for your home. Our Agents only get paid when they sell your home for a price YOU are happy with.

Our commission schemes can vary based on the location, style, desirability, and forecasted rent return of your property. Typically, the commission fee will range from 1.5% – 3% based on the total sell value of your home. This can be discussed and negotiated with your Hodges Agent to ensure the selling campaign is tailored to your needs and your specific property. At Hodges we don’t operate on a one-size-fits-all basis, but prefer to take a customised, personalised, holistic and customer centric approach to ensure we achieve the best result for YOU.