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Property Conditions and Repairs

Rental providers (landlords) must ensure the rental property is provided and maintained in good repair and is in a reasonably fit and suitable condition for occupation. This applies regardless of the amount of rent paid or the property’s age and character.

When repairs are required, only a suitably qualified person (licenced or registered professional) may be employed by the rental provider to conduct repairs. This applies to both urgent and non-urgent repairs.

Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs now include repairs or replacements relating to air conditioning, safety devices and any fault or damage which makes the property unsafe or insecure, including pest infestations, or mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure.

The rental provider must carry out urgent repairs after being notified. A renter may arrange for urgent repairs to be done if the renter has taken reasonable steps to arrange for the rental provider to immediately do the repairs and the rental provider has not carried out the repairs.

If the renter has arranged for urgent repairs, the renter may be reimbursed directly by the rental provider for the reasonable cost of repairs up to $2500.

Rental providers must pay back renters for the cost of urgent repairs (or replacement if the fault cannot be repaired) within seven days of the renter giving written notice of the reasonable cost of the repairs.

When conducting a replacement of any electrical, gas or water supplied appliances, the replacement item must meet or exceed the regulated energy efficiency rating.

  • 3 Star Rating – All appliances, fixtures and fittings that supply water.
  • 2 Star Rating – Non-ducted air conditioner, heat pump or gas space heater.

Exceptions are made due to age nature or structure of the plumbing/electrical in the rented premises. If a replacement with a 3 star rating cannot be installed or, when installed will not operate effectively— a replacement with the highest rating in the efficiency rating system that will operate effectively can be installed.



  1. If a 3 star rated tap or shower rose does not produce sufficient water pressure because of the age of the plumbing, a one or 2 star rated tap or shower rose may be installed.
  2. If a 2 star rated tap or shower rose cannot operate effectively, a one star rated tap or shower rose may be installed.