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How Dan and Carleen combined modern and art deco to win living and dining week

September 26, 2016 Hodges in the Media

Last night The Block couples revealed their living and dining spaces, with Dan and Carleen taking out the winning room with their “unexpectedly modern” space.

According to judge Neil Whitaker, the couple toned up the dial with the art deco theme, with labels such as glamorous, luxe and high-end used by the judges.

Here is how the Perth couple perfectly infused modern and art deco in their winning living and dining space:

  • The polished wood panelled wall instantly modernised the look of the living room and proved a big hit with the judges.
  • The couple perfectly referenced the art deco theme with their choice of armchairs, with the judges noticing small touches including the matching candle.
  • The layout of the room made the space feel open, adding to their modern approach.

We love what Dan and Carleen have done in this communal space of their living and dining room, which will become the centre of their apartment. Hodges is proud to be supporting Dan and Carleen – and with their beautiful approach to the layout and styling of these rooms – we are sure it will attract many buyers come the day of auction.


The judges loved the couple’s art deco themed furniture. Source: Chinchillanews


Dan and Carleen’s winning living and dining space. Source:9Now