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Caulfield – a diverse, well connected suburb

March 16, 2015 Caulfield Office News

Caulfield train station - Credit: Ozzmosis

Caulfield train station – Credit: Ozzmosis

Recently in Property Observer, Alex Flamm, Director at Hodges Caulfield spoke about the ever-popular inner city suburb of Caulfield.

Just over 10km away from the CBD Caulfield boasts the comforts of a suburban life whilst maintaining easy access to the buzz of the city. Caulfield remains highly desirable because of its location – access to the city is possible through a multitude of public transport options from the area.

Caulfield attracts both families and the younger generation due to this accessibility. Families are also drawn to this area due to the prestigious schools that surround the area and the safe and enjoyable high streets with something offer for all demographics to enjoy.

Younger buyers are interested in this area due to the multicultural atmosphere; Jewish bakeries, hidden bars and trendy new eateries are blended into one cohesive neighbourhood that is always busy with something to do. Caulfield has the ability to feel like an urban village city but also very much like a welcoming suburban area with numerous public parks and open green spaces for use of the entire community and quiet residential streets.

Caulfield is divided into 3 areas, meaning people with all different price ranges are able to find a house or apartment that suits their needs. Caulfield has something on offer to draw someone from every demographic in, whilst making them feel like the area has been designed for them.

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