Hodges Real Estate

Beating The Competition At Auction

November 19, 2014 Corporate News


For aspiring homeowners, bidding at auction can be a stressful experience, particularly when it’s for the first time. Standing your ground against the competition and appearing unaffected when irregular bids are thrown in from the crowd takes mental strength and a good poker face.

PRW recently published an article written by Hodges Caulfield Director, Golan Flamm, which lists some invaluable tips to help you beat the competition at auction.

Golan recommends standing out from the crowd by dressing smartly and strategically positioning yourself on the day. Dressing to impress can give you an advantage over the crowd by creating the impression you have deep pockets, potentially making competitors wary of you, while positioning yourself at the front near the auctioneer allows you to take in the big picture and check out the competition.

Some other useful tips Golan suggests are doing your research by attending as many auctions you can in advance, researching the market value of properties, having a game plan for the day and bidding with confidence.