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Hodges Focus on Women

March 8, 2016 Corporate News

Hodges would like to wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day.

At Hodges we like to celebrate the achievements of all of our people, and today both the Real Estate View and Domain published articles on the leading females in the property industry, both including a mention of our CEO Carmel Baker.

Domain wrote on the female leaders in the property industry, highlighting Carmel as the second woman to take charge of a major real estate agency in Victoria.

“In Victoria, we’re certainly seeing an increase in the number of women in the real estate [sector], and particularly in senior leadership roles, more so than what I have experienced in NSW,” Carmel told Domain.

In Real Estate View‘s article on women in the industry, Carmel offered her advice to other professional women.

“Focusing on your goals and having confidence in your own ability will lead to your success – regardless of whether you’re male or female”.

Hodges wishes to celebrate the great achievements of all our women in the spirit of International Women’s Day.