Turning Your Garage Into Another Bedroom.

Have you ever considered transforming your garage into a spare bedroom, refurbished office, playroom or even a granny flat? A garage conversion can be a simplistic, inexpensive way to get that extra bit of space you need to complete your home, but here’s what you’ll need to know.

Council approval.

In most cases you will need to receive council approval. Don’t cut corners, obtain the correct permits and rest assured your new space is safe and comfortable.

Less like a garage more like a room.

Garages typically have cold concrete floors, outer walls and a roof. They are generally not as insulated as the rest of your home. Invest in proper waterproofing, flooring and insulation. You’ll be thankful you made these decisions, especially in Winter!

Let there be light.

Typically garages have little to no light built into their structure. Adding in windows and installing power points for heating, cooling and lighting will immediately transform the rooms livability.

A little landscaping goes a long way.

Chances are you’ll have a driveway leading up to what was your garage. This will now look out of place. You may want to consider diverting your driveway to a secure car space or adding an additional car port instead.

Although the cost of garage conversion may be more than what you originally envisioned, it is still considerably cheaper than building an extension or dwelling from scratch. When done right, it can add considerable value to your home and give you that extra much needed space your family needs!