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Why Summer is a Great Time to Sell

Posted by Karli Ostle on Mon, Dec 2020

Why Summer is a Great Time to Sell

You might have heard on the grapevine that summer is traditionally quiet for the real estate market, but we are here to tell you why it’s actually a brilliant time to sell – especially as we head in 2021!

The summer light

Let the sunshine in! The abundance of light in the summer months adds so much brightness and warmth to your home, that you just don’t get any other time. It will truly showcase your property in its best, ahem, light. The sunshine also acts as a natural mood booster, so buyers will feel happier and more positive about your property from the moment they walk in.

It’s already festive

Keeping some tasteful Christmas decorations around for open homes can work in your favour. It will make your property feel happy and homely and give your potential buyers an opportunity to connect emotionally with the space and imagine how they might spend next Christmas there with their own family.

You can take advantage of the lifestyle opportunities around you

Do you live near a beach? Do you have a pool? Do you have an amazing outdoor entertaining space? Are you in close proximity to cafes, bars & restaurants? Are there some fun events happening in your local area? These are all perfect things to take advantage of when you’re selling in summer. People are in the mood for some fun and relaxation, so give your potential buyers a glimpse of the holiday-like lifestyle they could have if they lived in your home!

Serious buyers only

You are less likely to encounter property tyre-kickers during summer. Taking time away from the many family and social commitments that the warmer weather and Christmas season always brings, means that the potential buyers who show up to your open for inspection mean business.

People are looking for a fresh start

2020 hasn’t been kind to us, and there are many people looking for a way to wipe the slate clean. With working from home more common and financial circumstances changing, that will likely mean reassessing their home and lifestyle needs. We expect to see a flurry of activity over the summer period with people looking to start fresh in a new home early in 2021.


If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, it’s a great time to reach out to your local Hodges property professional for an appraisal and to discuss your options. Who knows, you may just be looking at your own fresh start for 2021!