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Why Melbournians love apartment living

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Wed, Oct 2019

Why Melbournians love apartment living

Apartment living is increasingly becoming the number one idealistic choice for many first home buyers, downsizers and upgraders. As housing affordability becomes more and more of a struggle in even the outer suburbs, it presents itself as a realistic option to buy a home while still maintaining an urban, convenient, low maintenance lifestyle.

In many international cities’ apartments are the preferential dwelling choice and are quickly becoming the great new Australian dream for many. In a busy, modernised and congested society, more people are placing value on time saving and spending more time enjoying life.

Latest realestate.com.au data revealed the most sought-after amenities Melbournians look for when buying an apartment

  1. BBQ, balcony and a deck: Australians love to entertain, and having an apartment is no exception to this and still prioritised. With private courtyards and balconies entertaining has never been so easy.
  2. Storage. One of the biggest downfalls of buying an apartment is the expectation of a lack of storage. There is no such thing as too much storage, whether we’re living in a home or an apartment we can always benefit from a little more space. Apartments with garages and storage cages are highly sought after when buying a home.
  3. Outdoor pool and sundeck / an indoor pool. This is certainly a luxury but one that is definitely in high demand for people looking to buy an apartment. During hot summer days the inner city can feel a little constricted and suffocating which is why people love the ability to escape with a quick dip in the pool.
  4. Fully equipped gym. Victorians love their health and fitness, so it’s no surprise this ranked in the top 5 amenities people seek when buying an apartment. The convenience of not having to leave the complex, waste time commuting to a fitness centre, or alternatively waste money on a gym membership they never use is highly valued.
  5. Outdoor spaces. When friends or family come to visit, owners want to show of the surrounding features of their home, especially considering apartments are often smaller than other dwelling types. Shared gardens, playgrounds or herb gardens are all idealistic options that allow the owner to spend more time outdoors. However, they don’t have the responsibility to maintain and manage the spaces themselves.