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What to look for when choosing a property

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Thu, Oct 2020

What to look for when choosing a property

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in an increased amount of time being spent at home, why not become an opportunist, and use this time wisely to create your dream home checklist.

2020 has certainly taught us to revaluate our priorities, and it’s essential that your home reflects and compliments your lifestyle. This current time presents the perfect opportunity to determine the attributes and features you desire when looking for your next property.

There are many active buyers currently searching online, emphasizing that competition is high. As restrictions have eased, we’ve already noticed a surge of properties hit the market. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re in a position to shortlist these prospects and register for your private inspections today.

Location is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a new home. Can you see yourself living in that neighbourhood? Is the commuting distance viable? Is it close to important amenities and facilities you require? These are all important questions to ask yourself when purchasing a home.

Are you looking for a low maintenance home or ready to welcome your next project? Period homes have character and charm, but generally require more upkeep. Consider the amount of time you’re realistically prepared to spend renovating. You may find a modern or newly built unit is better suited to your lifestyle, budget, and skill set.

Map out the number of rooms your family or household requires. With more businesses transitioning to working remotely, you may find you now need a spacious home office or segregated working zone. Perhaps you need more storage space, an outdoor entertaining area or a tranquil garden. Compile a list of features and inclusions, and rank how important these are to you. This will provide clarity on what you need and don’t need.

Finally, start speaking to a trusted real estate Agent. They can alert you of newly listed properties and provide you with local area market knowledge and insight. Even if you’re not yet ready to buy, we can inform, guide and partner with you. This will ensure, that when the time comes, the process is seamless and hassle free. Reach out to your local Hodges property professional today, so we can begin the journey of finding your dream home!