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Transform your street appeal with fencing

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Wed, Mar 2020

Transform your street appeal with fencing

A front fence can give your home the facelift it deserves. It acts as stunning feature to compliment your home and add dimension to your front yard.  Fencing construction materials and architectural design has advanced so much in recent years that most homeowners don’t even know the realm of stunning and innovative options they have. It’s essential you consider your fences purpose and style to match your home and lifestyle. Here are a few ideas to inspire you…

The Picket Fence

Timeless, classic and instantly adding charm to your home, the picket fence is typically found in traditional, period or heritage homes. If you want the look of the classic white picket fence, but don’t want the maintenance, PVC fencing may be the answer you’ve been looking for. This vinyl option is made from synthetic materials. And whilst more expensive than timber it is much more durable and low maintenance.

The Metal Fence

Steel and aluminium are an extremely cost-effective option guaranteed to suit any style. You can create an art décor design or achieve the pleasing aesthetics of the wrought iron structure without the hefty price tag. Ornamental spikes can look extremely elegant, while also acting as a theft deterrent. The downside to metal fencing is they have virtually zero noise reduction qualities and can be susceptible to rust: particularly around pools, spa’s or if you’re situated near the coastline.

Modular Fencing

Contemporary and stylish the modular wall is becoming increasingly popular as a front fence option. They combine a cement outer skin which allows you to match it to the aesthetics of your home. They also provide great levels of security and noise reduction qualities. The only downside is the cost, modular fencing is a more premium fence material, but considering it can increase the value of your home it can easily be justified as an investment.

Green Wall Fencing

Green walls are highly attractive, magic, innovative and a beautiful feature. They screen off your home creating privacy and a sense of something enchanted. Utilise lattice fencing and fast-growing plants to control and develop the climbing vines.