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Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

Posted by Karli Ostle on Fri, Jan 2021

Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

The past 12 months has fundamentally changed the way live and interact with each other. The need for many of us to isolate at home, work remotely and home-school our children has thrown up a few challenges with the way our current homes are designed, leading us to re-evaluate our living arrangements. While there is definitely a lot of people looking to sell up and find something that better suits their needs, many are opting to renovate their existing space or build the perfect home for their family from scratch.

So, what exactly are people looking for in their homes going forward? From the flood of online searches and enquiries, experts are predicting these five trends will be the ones we’ll start to see everywhere in 2021.

Biophilic colours and natural textures

As we spend more and more time at home, we want our living spaces to feel like a sanctuary. Calm, comforting and relaxing are the key requirements of the 2021 home. Muted colours inspired by nature such as beiges, blues, greens, greys and browns will dominate interior palettes. Natural, raw but elevated materials like linen, rattan, stone and timber in earthy, organic shapes will be plentiful and blend together to create a casual luxury.

No-touch technology

Now that we are more acutely aware of our hygiene and how diseases spread, we are looking to adapt our homes and leverage technology to make living ‘hands-free’ more accessible. Especially in high-contamination areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, we will look to sensor taps, foot-flushing and voice-activated appliances to avoid unnecessary touching. Natural antibacterial materials such as stone, copper and silver will also feature prominently in surfaces, along with new innovations in engineered antimicrobial technology to help keep homes germ-free.

Flexible floorplans

As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, there will be times when our homes will need to adapt to changing living and working circumstances. Equally, we are becoming more aware of how our homes need to flex and change to suit growing families and shifting lifestyles. Adaptable spaces with moveable walls and multi-purpose furniture will become very popular, allowing larger spaces to open up and partition off as required.

Indoor-outdoor living

While this is not a new trend in Australia, it’s most certainly becoming an almost non-negotiable requirement for the way we want to live. Being confined to home has made us crave nature, so having a space that can open up easily to the outdoors is a must. Luxe open-air living spaces, outdoor kitchens, abundant indoor greenery, conservatories and lightwells will all be popular design trends for the coming year.


Since we all had the opportunity to Marie Kondo the life our of our homes during lockdown, we have truly embraced our decluttered existence. It’s quality over quantity as we hold on only to the things that truly bring us joy. Our newfound minimalism will extend to furniture choices and art, so we can expect to see lots of simple but graphic line art, black and white photography, strong, clean lines and lack of adornment to create the calm, airy feeling we all crave.


If you want to unleash your inner interior designer on a brand-new home canvas this year, your local Hodges representative will be able to help guide you through the sale process. Check out our locations here and give your nearest office a call to discuss your options.