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Tiny Tricks To Magnify Your Space

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Mon, Oct 2018

Tiny Tricks To Magnify Your Space

Does your dwelling contain the experience of intimate, cosy, or apartment living? Or do you simply want to maximise a nook or congested area for an open for inspection? Take on board these four effortless design and decorating tips to generate the illusion of space…

Get in the zone

You can zone and corner off areas to establish set boundaries for different activities. This gives the impression of creating multiple rooms within a single room. Evoke new zones with a curtain, distinguish borders with a paint change, or carefully position a table or desk to divide a space into two separate areas, with two entirely distinct purposes.

Make it count

Only display furniture that offers maximum functionality.  Your space is already limited, don’t highlight this fact by making an area look cluttered, busy, and begging for some breathing room. Double up where you can, for example, a coffee table that can also serve as a desk or a sofa that can transform into a bed when hosting guests.

Soothe the soul

Use even colour tones to evoke a sense of calmness, and subtle patterns and textures to keep the space from falling flat. This creates the illusion that the area is more spacious than it really is.

Take the vertical challenge 

Take advantage of your space and utilise the full length of the wall. Taking cabinets to the ceiling, using lengthy mirrors, tall bookshelves, and floor length curtains are all efficient ways to elongate the boundaries.