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The Hodges Leaders

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Wed, Jun 2019

The Hodges Leaders

For the past 12 months the Hodges group, alongside all Victorian real estate agencies have certainly become resilient and robust as we’ve been challenged with a decrease in buyer demand and a significant reduction in the volume of listings on the market. Although it’s been a hard year for property professionals, as a network we’ve defied the state average and are still witnessing some great results. While the Victorian clearance rate has been averaging around 60% last year, at Hodges were regularly seeing clearance rates network wide of above 80%.

Our Directors are currently attending the 2019 Hodges Directors conference in sunny Noosa, where they will relax, reflect and strategize as we once again begin to move into a busier period with higher demand. Our Directors conference will have an emphasis on leadership and leading from the forefront to get our customers more as we move into the next cycle of the property market. The attendees will be inspired and enthused by some of the key industry leaders including Tanja M Jones, from TMJ coaching and Andrew Coronis and Adam Empringham from the Coronis Group.

Following the unexpected federal election results of the Coalition been re-elected, will have a positive impact on the property market. The government has introduced a new $500 million First Home Loan Deposit Scheme for first homebuyers to help them get a foot in the door. This will give 10,000 first homebuyers the opportunity to buy a home with only a five per cent deposit, as opposed the usual 20 per cent, which will stimulate property demand in the first home buyer market. The stability of government and the fact that there are no changes to negative gearing or Capital Gains Tax will encourage investors to capitalise on opportunities. The Coalition win should return confidence to our property markets which could turn around by the end of the year. The timing of the bottom of this downturn will however depend upon the banks loosening lending restrictions and the timing of any interest rate cuts – one which has already occurred and another which will likely occur soon, stimulating our property market.

It is now the perfect time for our Directors conference to occur as our Hodges leaders will grow, develop, be equipped with strategies and launch the new advances for our network to better serve our customers.

As we move into the new financial year, we are ready to work hard and deliver exceptional results to you.

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