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Summer maintenance guide for your property

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Fri, Jan 2020

Summer maintenance guide for your property

While the hot weather in Summer is undoubtedly enjoyable, the harsh heat can certainly take its toll on your property. Each new season of change brings about a new set of maintenance items and tasks to keep your home in the most optimal condition and ensures your home will hold its value.

Check smoke alarms

Check your smoke alarms routinely every year, especially before Summer. Christmas lights and dry heat are just two examples of how the Summer season can increase the risk of house fires. For your peace of mind ensure smoke detectors and fire alarms are working effectively.

Check your cooling devices

Don’t be unprepared and wait until the scorching days to find out your air conditioning or cooling fans aren’t working efficiently. Give your ceiling fans a clean for maximum and hygienic ventilation. Check the air conditioning filter or invest in a professional service.

Dry outdoors

Install a clothesline in the garden so you can dry your clothes in the sun. This will save you both time and money.

Seal it

Check the caulking around the windows and doors of your home. Tiny cracks and holes can quickly welcome ants and bugs at in the kitchen this Summer.

Try mulch

Adding a layer of mulch to your outdoor plants, will not only help destroy weeds but also assist your soil with retaining and preserving moisture throughout these scorching summer months.

BBQ time

One of the greatest Australian traditions is a summer BBQ, and we want to make sure your BBQ can handle the heat. A clean grill works more effectively and prevents flare-ups.

Combat Mould

Mould thrives and grows in humid conditions. During the summer, rooms can become increasingly muggy and moist; particularly the bathrooms. Inspect these areas carefully and address any mould growth instantly.