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Selling In Summer

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Fri, Nov 2018

Selling In Summer

In Summer properties sell themselves. Colours pop and an abundance of natural light floods through the doors. This Summer let our Hodges property professionals get you more!

Tips for selling this Summer…

Keep it comfortable.

Don’t put off potential buyers by situating them in a stuffy, unbearable environment. If your home is refreshing compared to outside, it will keep the potential buyers inside for longer, allowing them to fully appreciate your property.

Embellish with Summer accents

Remove heavy materials, drapes and dark textiles and replace these for lighter cushions and throws. Utilise neutrals and blues as this will have a calming and cooling effect on potential buyers making their way through your home.

Maximise outdoor areas

Summer is the perfect time to sell the outdoor lifestyle. Clean the BBQ, wipe down the outdoor furniture, and make your outdoor areas look appealing. Take advantage of the sunshine and utilise the space, demonstrating to your buyers the full potential of your property.

Create Summer curb appeal

First impressions count, so make the initial appearance of your home look as inviting and appealing as possible. Take advantage of the summer colours, trim your hedges and lawns. Give the illusion of a low-maintenance property even if it isn’t.

It’s a time for hot nights and cold drinks, BBQ’s with friends and the great outdoors. Why not add to the fun and make your next move on the property market? You get more with Hodges!