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Rugs; The Ultimate Accessory

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Fri, Oct 2018

Rugs; The Ultimate Accessory

Rugs are a simple addition that can transform the look and feel of your living area. They are the ultimate accessory for all floors. When choosing a rug, you’ll need to consider size, colour, comfort, care and most importantly style.

Light and neutral rug

Perfect for subtlety in a minimalist style room or to soften up a more industrial style living area. It keeps it simple but can add warmth and intimacy to a space to make it much more inviting. It adds interest without too much impact.

Shaggy rug

Soft to touch and bringing lush vibrance to any room; shaggy rugs have certainly stood the test of time. Fluffy, cosy and comfortable they have the ability to make any space welcoming.

Seagrass rug

A healthy and natural seagrass rug brings coastal elements into your home. Seagrass is an appealing and eco-friendly natural fibre that is sustainably grown and biodegradable. They are beautiful in natural appearance of organic colours and have the added benefit of also being stain and water-resistant. Making it the perfect choice for families with children and pets.

Boho rug

Bright, bold and beautiful. The vibrant patterns certainly make a statement and add an exotically appealing edge to your home. They exude charm and bring with them a lively atmosphere.

Black and white rug

Black and white rugs can even out and balance a colourful room, bringing back structure into a space. They create style but hold the massive advantage of matching any colour scheme without clashing with existing tones.  They are sophisticated, timeless and elegant in any space.