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Practising self-care at home

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Tue, Jun 2020

Practising self-care at home

There are so many simple things we can do to take care of ourselves that we often neglect. Learning how to nourish yourself, manage stress, exercise regularly, and take a ‘time-out’ when you need it are all essential to ensure you stay healthy, happy, and resilient during this unprecedented time.

As a society many of us are now suddenly faced with new challenges including:

– Understanding and coping with stress and anxiety

– Dealing with financial stress

– Dealing with unemployment or changes at work

– Relationship/ marital challenges

– Parenting and family difficulties or new family demands

Here are some ideas or methods you can use to promote self-care at home:

– Take a technology fast. Unplug from social media and switch of unnecessary devices.

– Practise a day of rest. Give yourself no tasks or expectations and take a full day to recover and rejuvenate.

– Declutter. Choose a single zone so you don’t become overwhelmed or discouraged and spend time decluttering and getting organised.  It doesn’t have to be a physical space; it could be a digital or virtual space such as clearing out your email inbox.

– Schedule a time to practise self-care. Unless you commit to a specific time of self-care you are likely to neglect this activity as life and other plans will get in the way. Ensure you block the time out in your calendar and commit to this activity. It might even be as simple as a 15-minute tea break before you commence the working day.

– Take a self-care trip. With restrictions now lifting we can invest in mini getaways. Changing your environment can help you disconnect and relax. These self-care breaks don’t have to be costly; a simple road trip or overnight camping stay will suffice. The goal is to escape your normal schedule and take some time out.

– Schedule the time to talk to someone. It could be a professional, trusted friend, family member or colleague. At Hodges we are extremely lucky that our staff are supported. Our supply partner Domain have continued to support our business and our industry during this unprecedented time. Every staff member at Hodges has access to three free, confidential counselling sessions with an experienced, registered psychologist for practical support during this difficult time.

Stay connected, relax, rejuvenate, and continue to find ways to practise self-care at home during this time.