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How to Revitalise Your Work-From-Home Space for 2021

Posted by Karli Ostle on Mon, Dec 2020

How to Revitalise Your Work-From-Home Space for 2021

While 2020 sure did throw us its fair share of challenges, it also revolutionised the way we work and commute. An inability to travel and gather in groups forced us to adopt technology we may have been wary of beforehand and adapt quickly to a new-normal of working from home. For some of us, we had a quiet, dedicated workspace in the form of a spare room, study nook or home studio. For others, the dining room table or kitchen bench had to suffice while the rest of the family carefully navigated around our screens, laptops and cords.

With the easing of restrictions for Victoria in November came the first steps towards a return to the office. While that may be welcome relief for some who have missed the buzz of an office environment, many more are opening up conversations with their employers about the potential for permanent or hybrid work-from-home scenarios given the flexibility, cost-saving and productivity benefits it provides.

So if you are among the thousands of people continuing to work from home in some capacity during 2021, read on for some ways you can revitalise your workspace and make the most of working from home!


We all know that sitting for prolonged periods is really bad for your health, but when you work at a computer it can be hard to avoid! Take this opportunity to really assess your workspace and make sure that your chair and desk are the right design and height for you. Working from your couch or your dining room table (or your bed!) are real no-no’s and can do long-term damage to your spine, posture and overall mobility. If you can afford it, investing in a high-quality desk chair that is adjusted specifically for you will be worth every cent you pay (and could potentially save you thousands in osteopath bills down the track!). Stand up desk are also a great idea and are readily available in most good furniture and office supply stores.

Optimise for light

Working in a dark, dingy space will not be good for your eyes or your sense of well-being. If you were relegated to the darkest corner of your home for 2020, it’s time to make a change. If possible, move your workspace to a location that gets a lot of natural light. Not only will this help freshen up your space, but it is a natural mood-booster and will help to keep you focussed and positive. Have to stick with your small, dark spare bedroom? No problem! Just ensure that you have a good mix of ambient light (ceiling lights, floor lamps) and task lighting (such as desk lamps or spot lights) to ensure you never have to squint at your keyboard again.


What makes you feel good? Is it pictures of your kids? Photos from your travels? Flowers or greenery? A beautiful piece of art? Surround yourself with things that make you feel happy and positive, and you’ll be looking forward to sitting down at your desk each day. Take care not to overdo it though – too much clutter can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and do more harm than good.

And don’t forget your senses! Too often when we are decorating we concentrate only on what we can see. Smell plays a huge part in our overall sense of well-being. Citrus aromas can energise and improve mood, lavender-based scents will soothe and calm, mint & rosemary can help with focus, and more exotic notes such as frankincense and jasmine can help boost creativity. Get yourself a scented candle or a diffuser and try it for yourself. Curating a few Spotify playlists to suit your different work moods and situations can also help improve focus, creativity and productivity (not to mention, the music will help you feel less alone!).


Nothing will make you feel more in control than having everything you need neatly filed and within easy reach! On your desk, keep only the things you need to refer to regularly, with all other folders, files and papers stored out of the way. Cheap cable ties, power boards and adapters will help you organise your inevitable mess of cables and cords. Keep pens and stationery bits together in a container or a desk drawer. These are simple things that will make the world of difference to your state of mind.


If you really have nowhere to go but the other end of your dining table, it might be time to consider a change to your living arrangements. Working from home in some capacity is probably not going anywhere anytime soon, and an investment in a lifestyle upgrade might just be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

Give your local Hodges property professional a call to discuss your options and take the first step towards finding the extra room you really need!