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How To Retain Good Tenants

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Tue, Jul 2018

How To Retain Good Tenants

The perfect tenant is hard to come by. At Hodges we assist you throughout the whole process and recognise the importance of managing your property effectively to achieve a balance between maximum return and minimal wear and tear.

A rental property is viewed by our company as a valuable asset that needs to be recognised, valued and receive a fair return, therefore great care is taken at all levels to make sure this is achieved.

We’ll do everything we can from our end but follow the below tips to see what you can do to help retain a good tenant.

Value your tenants as well as the property

When your tenant has a request, or an issue be responsive and reactive to their needs. If a tenant feels valued and respected by you they’re far more likely to return the value and respect to your home. If you’re constantly turning your back up at your tenants, you can’t blame them if they’re quick to leave. Work with your Property Manager to ensure your tenant is satisfied.

Maintain the home

This seems like common sense, but many landlords allow their homes to become neglected. A happy tenant makes for a happy landlord, and a tenant is far more likely to feel happy if their living situation doesn’t resemble a dumping ground. This benefits both parties as the tenant is likely to work hard to maintain the property themselves in return.

Consideration is the key

You don’t need to bow down to their every request. It’s your house, your rules. Fair enough. Yet you can still listen and consider your tenants entreaties. If there’s room to negotiate or meet half way, facilitate an open conversation. Even if you can’t meet the demand they’ll feel like you respect their voice and appreciate the openness of your attitude.

Who doesn’t love surprises?

Make them feel special by surprising them once in a while. Send them a Christmas card, a bottle of wine for their birthday, or a thank you note for taking such good care of your property. These simple, personal touches are inexpensive and effortless but can be what makes or breaks a tenant’s decision to stay.

Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes?

Would you be comfortable in that living situation? If the answer is no, something has to change before they walk out your door. Identify gaps and address minor issues before the tenant has a chance to complain. No one wants to play bad cop, and it’s tiresome for a tenant to be lodging complaints all the time. Save them the trouble by recognising and identifying what needs to be changed before they have to.