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How Do I Sell My House?

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Fri, Aug 2019

How Do I Sell My House?

Ever wondered, ‘How Do I Sell My House’? – this blog post will talk you through the steps from getting your home ready to sell, to the new owner moving in!

Step 1: Prepare your home for sale
Before you can ask yourself the question, how much is my house worth? You’ll need to get your home ready for the sale process. There are plenty of homes for sale out there on the market so before you can determine a house price estimate that you’re likely to achieve, you’ll need to address the obvious issues that could lower your house price. A home that appears valuable is more valuable. Make sure the property looks cared for and loved, not neglected. It’s certainly worth getting small issues fixed as the property value difference can equate to thousands in the mind of a potential buyer. This includes things like cracks, holes, marks and broken utilities.

Step 2: Obtain an accurate property price estimate
A real estate agent will be able to provide you with a house price estimate and home valuation to uncover the true value of your property in the current market. This generally free property valuation will allow you to set realistic expectations and a strategy to ensure you achieve the best house price.

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Step 3: Choose your Real Estate Agent
Choosing the right real estate agent is paramount to the ultimate outcome of selling a house. You want to be sure you have an outstanding team working as one to give your property maximum exposure to all potential buyers. A real estate agent connects active and registered buyers to get you the most optimal house price. Different agency’s have different real estate fees. For more information on our commission fee click HERE.  At Hodges we have been providing an exceptional level of service to the marketplace for over 160 years ago. Our reputation is second to none in all areas including the professionalism of our people, our specific marketing strategies, and our commitment to achieving more for your property.

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Step 4: Determine the sales method for selling your house
Firstly, there is no right or wrong way to sell your home. Auction, private sale and expressions of interest are all tried and true methods that work under varying circumstances. However, when selecting your method of sale, we consider all of the following:

• What is currently providing the best results in the marketplace when someone is buying a house

• Your time-frame

• What will best suit your type of home

• The likely number of people in your market buying a home

Auctions have stood the test of time as an effective and successful of buying a house. It generally increases buyer competition due to having less days on the market and a decision time frame that’s placed on buyers. This can push the house price result above vendor expectation. Also, highly effective, the private sale method. Private sale is a great option when there is no
urgency to sell your home, allowing them to be open to accepting different sale terms, such as a prolonged settlement date or sale subject to finance. This can open up a wider network
of potential buyers who could otherwise not consider buying a home. If your privacy is sensitive to you, and you would prefer to keep your house price outside of the public eye
then private sale is likely to be a superior method of sale for you.

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Step 5: Marketing and advertising the property for sale
Marketing is essential for achieving the best house price when selling your home. Your Real Estate Agent will help you develop a marketing strategy that suits the property for sale and the current market. This ensures that you reach everyone in the area interested in buying a house. This typically encompasses a range of print marketing, exposure through property boards and open for inspections and digital marketing.

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Step 6: Sale of your property
– In the event of a Private Sale

  • An offer is received and this house price is presented to you
  • You accept the house price and your Real Estate Agent communicates this to the person buying the house
  • Your Real Estate Agent organises the buyers to sign the contract of sale and pay the deposit of the agreed property value.
  • The contracts are exchanged

– In the event of an Auction

  • The Real Estate Agent sets the agreed reserve house price with you
  •  Buyers register to bid during the auction
  • Once the reserve house price is achieved or exceeded, the property is sold to the highest bidder.
  • Unconditional contracts of sale are signed between both parties
  • The deposit for your property value is paid for by the person buying a house

Couple Hugging After Selling House

Step 7: Settlement of your property for sale

– The settlement period begins from the date of the signed contract.
– Organise to move including packing, arranging utilities, changing your listed
residential address etc.
– Arrange cleaning or clearing out the home so it is ready for the new owners.
– Pre-settlement inspection is arranged with your Real Estate Agent and is conducted
by the buyer
– Buyer moves into your home

To begin this process or if you’re simply interested in a free, accurate, no-obligation property appraisal from one of our expert property professionals click HERE.