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Finding peace at home

Posted by Molly on Tue, Nov 2020

Finding peace at home

It’s no secret that this year has had its fair share of stresses, increased tension and added pressures. Although you can’t control the chaos and challenges that come with a global pandemic, you can create order, harmony, and a calming environment at home.

This will not only have a significant positive impact on your mental health, but also ensure you are ‘show home’ ready, saving considerable time and stress when the moment comes to sell your property.


If it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go. Decluttering your home will help declutter your life, leaving your décor clean and sophisticated. This leaves space in your home for only the things that you love, cherish, and that have the biggest sentimental value to you. Letting go of your processions, can be a particularly freeing and liberating process.

Add some greenery

There are so many benefits of indoor plants, with the most obvious being the stunning statement they make to your décor. They also improve air quality and act as a natural humidifier. They assist with reducing stress and fatigue. They enhance productivity, which is particularly important this year as many of us continue to work from home. Studies have also shown that certain plants can lead to a more restful sleep. Plants can make us feel more secure and relaxed, so be sure to invest in some greenery for your home.

Take advantage of soft furnishings

Rugs, blankets, throws and soft cushions can all create a sense of intimacy and security. These small additions throughout your home can bring significant amounts of comfort, especially during challenging times.

Put wires out of sight

Wires and cords can look chaotic and make a small space look cramped and untidy. Make sure you have a system that organises and stores the bundle of tangled, unsightly cords. Dedicate a drawer or storage area to charges and devices you don’t use regularly. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

Use calming colours

Could the colour scheme in your home be having a negative impact on your stress levels? There is so much evidence linking colour to behaviour and mood. Gentle, natural hues or earthy tones work best for both wall colours and furnishings. Subtle shades of colour scattered throughout the room such as light blue or green, can immediately bring a sense of calm to an area, as can other subdued tones such as white.

It’s time to update your home and ensure it is a space that promotes, tranquillity, calm and contentment, not just for you, but for potential future buyers as well.