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DIY ventures to increase the value of your home

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Tue, May 2020

DIY ventures to increase the value of your home

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in an increased amount of time spent at home, why not become an opportunist, and use this time wisely to invest in projects that will increase the value of your home.

There are so many simple DIY ventures you can undertake which will add value to your home, so you can be ready to sell for a great result.

Freshen up with a coat of paint

A simple coat of paint can leave your home feeling brighter, fresher, cleaner, and well cared for. It’s a quick and cost-effective update that can make a dramatic difference. Businesses like Bunnings are still for delivery, making it easier than ever to obtain the needed supplies to get you underway.

Before you take the plunge with paint, consider how you want the room to make you and others feel. Do you want a warm cosy atmosphere? Or are you going for an ultra-sleek modern vibe? Think about the furnishing and fittings in the room and what will suit the overall style of the property. You’ll also need to consider the texture, type of paint, paint finish and how many coats will be required to accomplish your desired look.

Find your green thumb

A well-maintained garden can equate to thousands of dollars when you come to sell your home. With a little bit of care and creativity, a tired old outdoor space can be converted into a trendy, welcoming sanctuary that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Even if you’re not planning on selling your home this year, you can still reap the benefits as gardens continue to add value to your home year on year. Hedges and flowerbeds become more established and planted trees continue to mature over time offering shade, privacy, and stunning aesthetics. Gardening will not only increase your house price, but it is also therapeutic for the mind, increases blood flow, reduces stress, and increases endorphins. All of which are beneficial as we navigate through this unprecedented time.

Update fixtures and fittings

It’s amazing how old, worn fittings like a rusty doorknob or a dated drawer handle can make an area look tired and cheapen the overall appeal of your home. By simply updating fixtures and fittings you can give your interior an immediate facelift without breaking the bank. A chrome style shower head or a modern matte tap fitting will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom while only setting you back around $80 and for just $20 you can update your towel bars to something sleek and modern.

The grand entrance

Installing a new front door will update your entrance and leave a meaningful first impression for potential buyers. For just $200-$300 you can purchase a stunning front door with character and charm that will increase your homes overall street appeal and therefore increase the value of your property instantaneously. If purchasing a new front door isn’t viable you could also opt for a fresh coat of paint to brighten your entrance using a complimenting or statement colour. Likewise, painting your front fence also contributes to increased street appeal and ensures your property stands out against neighbouring homes.

Create a storage strategy

You can create a brand-new storage solution that maximises your space and gives the illusion of a bigger home which in turn will increase your house price. Keep your everyday items close and in reach, while your less used gadgets and appliances tucked away and out of reach. De-cluttering your home will help de-clutter your life. A minimalist lifestyle encourages you to find freedom from being overwhelmed and anxious. Having a strategic, well thought out storage system that suits your family’s needs and lifestyle will not only be beneficial to your life but present your home in the best possible light when it comes time to sell.