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Decorating your home for Christmas

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Wed, Dec 2019

Decorating your home for Christmas

One of the most exciting things about moving into your new home, whether you’re upgrading your family home, first home buyers, or renting with friends is the excitement that comes with choosing those first special Christmas decorations for the first ever Christmas in your new home.

Choose your theme

It’s a good idea to choose a theme and colour palette that compliments your current décor and home styling. For a period, home you may want to accentuate with a traditional colour scheme such as gold, red and green to keep it classic, or if your new home is modern or newly renovated you could branch out and go for a sleek contemporary theme such as teal or rose gold.

Christmas tree idea

The traditional Christmas tree is probably still the most popular form of Christmas decorating. However, as the minimalist trend continues there are many other modern Christmas tree alternatives you can consider. These ideas take up very little space but can still be sure to deliver maximum Christmas cheer. Prop a rustic ladder against a wall and embellish it with lights and pine cuttings. Lightly decorate a current house plant with baubles. Make a Christmas tree out of branches and string. If you’re tight for space, try a Christmas tree wall decal. No matter how small your budget or how small your space there are plenty of ways you can experiment with an unconventional Christmas tree.

Stimulate the senses

Christmas decorating doesn’t just have to be visual. You can easily branch out to stimulate other senses in a festive way. There are many scents you can bring into your home that people associate with Christmas. Nutmeg, cinnamon, gingerbread, cloves and pine are all scents that have positive connotations with the holiday season. You can use candles, incense, aromatherapy oils or even good old-fashioned baking to bring the smell and taste of Christmas into your home. Consider creating a Christmas or holiday playlist that all housemates or family members contribute too, that way it will be versatile, unique and enjoyed by all. You could make an interactive advent calendar with unique treats and or notes that everyone can take in turn to enjoy.

Double up

The presents under the Christmas tree can double up as Christmas decorations. If you can get yourself organised, aim to have your presents wrapped and on display as soon as possible. You can coordinate the colour scheme of the wrapping paper and ribbons with the décor and style of your house. Christmas treats and sweets also make for great decorations, so if you’ve got a talent for baking or a sweet tooth, package up Christmas cookies, fudge, chocolates and sweets and display these around your house and on your tree.

Keep it natural

Add natural elements to your Christmas decorating. Use greenery to make garlands, incorporate branches into your table centrepieces, and use logs to display in baskets. It will make your new home feel cosy and intimate this Christmas.