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Decorating Mistakes New Home Owners Make

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Mon, Feb 2019

Decorating Mistakes New Home Owners Make

Mix and Match

New home owners tend to take a mix and match approach, combining different styles, and throwing together an array of combinations into the one room. Blending too many styles together can become overbearing and messy. Try to focus on pieces that have similar elements or tones that complement each other. If you’ve put up polka – dot curtains, don’t introduce a pin striped bed spread. Keep it simple. For example, if you’ve used a nude rug, embellish with some earthly toned sofa cushions to match and create elegance.












New home owners often like to re-create the furnishings of a room in a previous home, despite the layout and dimensions been completely different. Just because it worked at your previous property doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most optimal way to decorate your new home. Keep an open mind and a fresh pair of eyes when coordinating the position of the furniture in your new home!











Decorating a new home is exciting, but resist the urge and common tendency to ‘over-decorate’.  Life normally gets in the way, and unfortunately if won’t stay looking like a brand-new show home for long, so do yourself a favour and take advantage of storage from the beginning.











Choose Timeless

Keep your furniture pieces classic, elegant and timeless, that way you can simply embellish them as trends change without breaking the piggy bank and still stay up to date. Avoid controversial, statement or vibrantly coloured furniture. It’s likely to quickly go out of fashion and is expensive to replace.