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Creating An Outdoor Oasis

Posted by Rebekah Hutton on Wed, Dec 2019

Creating An Outdoor Oasis

With Summer here and Christmas creeping up, our social calendars are quickly filling up and the season of entertaining is now upon us. Warmer weather and longer nights call for a desire to socialise and relax outdoors, which is why now is the perfect time to create a modern outdoor entertaining area. With a little bit of flair and creativity, a tired old outdoor space can be converted into a trendy, welcoming sanctuary that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends this festive season.

Materials and style to suit

It’s important that the elements and materials you use in your outdoor entertaining area compliment your homes existing architectural style as opposed to clashing with it. This will create a flow on effect from the home to the outdoor area and ensure a sense of harmony. Choose materials that also suit your lifestyle and your ability to stay on top of the upkeep. Timber decking is on-trend but if your area is exposed to the sun it can become extremely high maintenance. Some materials are not ethically sourced and can increase your homes carbon footprint so be mindful when choosing elements based on their appearance.

Get smart with technology

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly more advanced and an integral part of a family’s home life. Wherever we go in the home we have high expectations of good Wi-Fi and connectivity. Your outdoor entertaining area should be no exception to this. From smart device controlled outdoor speakers, to activated lighting from your smart phone, there are so many ways you can greatly enhance the entertainment experience for your guests just by getting a bit smarter with technology.

Wine and dine

Include an outdoor kitchen or dining facilities so you can entertain solely from the outside. Zone off areas in the layout of your outdoor entertaining area for various activities like cooking, eating, drinking, conversation and relaxing. This will create a flow within the area and ensure all the space is being utilised to its full potential. Consider adding a built in BBQ, a designated food prep area, a drinks fridge, a bar or even a luxurious wood-fired pizza oven.

The finishing touches make the world of difference

Just as you style, decorate and add soft furnishings to your living areas, it’s essential to do the same with an outdoor entertaining area to ensure the space you create feels welcoming. Add pot plants, greenery or a foliage wall to add depth to the space. Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular and are a great option for small courtyards or balconies to maximise the space without compromising on the finishes. Consider adding soft plush throws and cushions or even a fire-pit as a focal point to create intimacy and warmth.