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Hodges Real Estate embraces artificial intelligence

August 13, 2019 Uncategorised

Hodges Real Estate has implemented new generation AI to intelligently manage the customer journey on their website.

In an industry first, Hodges Real Estate has embraced Artificial Intelligence platform Enliven AI to improve their digital customer experience.

“We were looking at ways to increase and improve our customer experience on our website. With the goal to help customers reach the answers they needed and ultimately become a lead generation tool for the team”, says Carmel Kellett, CEO of Hodges Real Estate.

“After conducting vast amounts of research, we were introduced to the Enliven AI platform by the team at Propic. There is nothing intuitively comparable on the market.”

“With Enliven AI, our website is now capable of taking a customer on a journey through our website, no matter if they are someone looking to buy, looking to sell or a tenant with a maintenance issue and provide them with the information that they need. Enliven AI can manage the customer conversation, find out their true intent and deliver qualified leads to my team!”

Simon Cashman, Chief Sales Officer at Propic says “Enliven AI is a platform designed to enrich the customer experience with a Real Estate Agencies website and act as the agencies spokesperson 24/7.”

“We are ecstatic to have Hodges Real Estate as our first Residential Agency rolling out the industry first technology.”

“Artificial Intelligence is here to help you become more efficient in your real estate business. It’s here to take menial tasks off your hands and provide you with guided qualified conversations”

“Enliven AI can help to create, qualify, guide and retain new customers for your real estate business and provide you with the conversation transcripts to follow up on real genuine leads!”

“Enliven AI is just one on the many platforms available @Propic that enables real estate businesses to embrace technology and become more efficient in the process.”

Hodges has been serving the greater area of Melbourne and regional Victorian areas such as Geelong and Lara for over 160 years. You can meet ‘Holly’ and interact with the Enliven AI platform here: www.hodges.com.au

Propic was formed with the objective of solving multiple challenges the real estate industry is facing. With a team of industry leaders, they have created an end-to-end platform that helps your agency create amazing customer experiences 24/7 and unlocks the true power of your data.

Find out more about Propic and their services here: www.propic.com.au