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Hodges Real Estate Announces Appointment of Tony Zarka as CEO

February 5, 2021 Uncategorised

Hodges Real Estate have announced the appointment of Tony Zarka as the new Chief Executive Officer of the group. Tony will take over the role as the head of Melbourne’s longest running real estate agency, continuing the success and legacy that has been built over 160 years.

Tony joins Hodges Real Estate after his success in co-founding and operating the real estate owned utility connection business ‘YourPorter’. First working alongside real estate agents in 2005, Tony has long held a passion for personal and professional growth with a resolute focus on the customer. A staunch believer that the customer journey and experience define the success of a brand, Tony feels that every transaction is an opportunity to connect, learn and improve, and seeks to integrate this philosophy into Hodges operations.

“I am humbled and excited to be appointed the CEO of the Hodges Group.  I feel privileged to be part of an organization, steeped with history and achievements that delivers high-quality real estate services. I look forward to connecting with the Hodges team and building on the brand’s success in the ever-changing landscape”.

Hodges Director Andrew Boyce is enthusiastic about the direction Tony will take the Hodges Group in 2021.

“We see the appointment of Tony as our CEO as a huge victory for the Hodges Group as well as to our existing franchisees, staff & suppliers. We are very excited about the future of the Hodges Group. With Tony at the helm, the growth plans we will be putting in place for 2021 & beyond will ensure our franchisees continue to develop & grow under the Hodges banner. With Tony’s passion & experience we see this appointment as an absolute win-win for all.”


As the longest running real estate agency in Victoria, Hodges Real Estate has grown to become market leaders in selling and leasing properties throughout Melbourne and Geelong.

Over the course of its rich history, the business has focused on building strong and enduring relationships in the communities where it operates, developing a deep knowledge and understanding of local buyers, sellers and investors.

With rapid expansion into new territories, innovative and charismatic Hodges property professionals deliver the same high level of passion, commitment and results to each and every one of their customers. As a result, Hodges continues to proudly sell more properties for higher prices than any other agency and we promise to extend this exceptional service ethos to a wider Hodges network into the future. You get more with Hodges!