Hodges Real Estate

Guide To Successful Selling

Established in 1854 by Robert H Hodges, when Melbourne was just two decades old, Hodges real estate was founded on exemplary client service and values that have been carried forward throughout the years.

Our philosophy is simple –deliver results that go beyond our client’s expectations through diligent process, technology and marketing that leverage value and greater results.

Our aim is to show you how Hodges is the best agent to be representing you in the marketing of your home.

By understanding the value of your home, you will be able to make some key decisions. When making such decisions, they will need to be based on factual evidence, not optimistic aspirations.

Based on what you want to achieve from the sale, we can guide you through a marketing strategy that will provide you with the best possible outcome.

Managing the marketing process, attracting more buyers and negotiating the best result is our number one aim.

What is my home worth?

We will show you comparative past sales that will give us a rear vision look at what has happened in the market, look at current sales results and review comparison properties that are currently on the market, all which may influence the value of your home.

We will show you how to market your home beyond comparison. The desire is created for the right buyer to purchase your home at the maximum price as the desire has been created.

How much will advertising cost?

Whilst others may show you an advertising schedule of costs, we will show you how investing in marketing will provide you a far greater return through a thorough understanding of marketing your home to attract buyers that desire it the most. (link to marketing video)

What commission do you charge?

We are always open to negotiating our fee for service, however it is important to remember -the cheapest agent may end up costing you more.

The majority of our clients are more than happy to reward our services with our standard fee.