Rental Provider Services

HODGES are one of the only agents in Melbourne, that can offer you the wealth of experience and reputation that spans over 150 years since our establishment in 1856. We are recognized as one of Melbourne’s leading Real Estate Agencies with our multiple office network, offering over eighty highly trained and experienced staff who are at your disposal for the best service on offer.

Hodges Estate Agency recognize the importance of managing your property effectively so as to achieve a balance between maximum return and minimal wear and tear. A rental property is viewed by our company as a valuable asset that needs to realize a fair return and therefore great care is taken at all levels to make sure this is achieved.

Our Company’s Property management Department operates on a “portfolio System”. This means that one Portfolio Manager handles your property at all times, dealing in all aspects of the property letting’s and ongoing renter and owner liaison. Your Property Manger will get to know your property as intimately as you, sometimes even more so, thus ensuring that your investment receives the specialized attention required to maximise its return.

Each Portfolio Manager has the support of the Director / Manager at all times. Weekly meetings are held to discuss marketing strategies, new legislation, owner and renter concerns, vacancies and market trends.