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Dan and Carleen: the appeal of a beautiful terrace space

October 25, 2016 Hodges in the Media

A Hills Hoist and some greenery in a backyard or terrace space just won’t cut it anymore for some homeowners. They want a liveable space where they can enjoy drinks with friends or a space to relax on a warm summer’s day. On Sunday night Dan and Carleen revealed not only a ‘beautiful’ indoor/outdoor space, but also a practical space with a full kitchen and lounge space that buyers dream about.

The terrace was fitted out with a timber dining table, kitchen and lounge space with couches and a coffee table.

The Perth couple’s meticulous choice of décor has created a resort style space, according to Judge Neil Whittaker. The lighting, plantation shutters and ‘knockout’ fire place coffee table added to the feel of the extravagant space.

We are sure potential buyers will be in awe of the terrace when Hodges take them through the apartment during open for inspections.

This week Dan and Carleen also had the opportunity to redo their first guest bedroom and impressed the judges with their improvements. The olive green coloured walls in the Art Deco inspired room were painted white, which created a light and bright feel to the room.

Hodges would like to congratulate Dan and Carleen on each of their beautiful rooms. It has been a long journey, but they have done a fantastic job and we can’t wait to help them get the best price for their hard work come auction day.


Dan and Carleen’s lounge space in their terrace


Dan and Carleen’s terrace space


Dan and Carleen’s re-do of their first guest bedroom