Hodges Real Estate

CEO Message – March

March 10, 2021 Corporate News

The year that has passed has presented us with some significant challenges, but 2020 taught us some crucial lessons. There is no question that lessons are different for each of us. Still, one truth remains consistent, ‘where there is a market need, as business owners and employees, we have a responsibility to ensure we meet/exceed those needs‘.

While macro effects will always play a role in how we change to meet those needs, one thing that will not change is our clients’ desire to want to be nurtured.

Irrespective of the value of the exchange or format, each party wants to be valued. Whether we are in a drive-through at McDonald’s, purchasing a product on-line or buying/selling our home, the way we feel about that exchange will almost always be shared and remembered.

What our clients value come in many different forms. Unpacking those values is key to ensuring that we deliver what our customers really want.

I have worked on the perimeter of real estate in Victoria for almost 15 years, and I have seen technology continue to do more. What has become very apparent is that relationships have become more critical than ever, and the value of our people supersede the importance of technology.

Importantly, when good people work together for a common cause, irrespective of market conditions, businesses don’t just make ends meet but thrive. I have seen both ends of the spectrum, and it is clear to me that teams that work as a whole are always stronger than the sum of their parts.

I am genuinely excited to be working with Hodges and I look forward to the journey ahead.