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Another Hodges Success Story

May 2, 2018 Uncategorised

We are proud to welcome Angus Graham, as our newest and youngest Director of the Hodges Real Estate Group. Angus is a testament to the fact that with hard work, dedication and drive you can drive your own career and success. Angus always administers a transparent and genuine approach and is often commended for his integrity and genuine nature.

He is highly invested in the Real Estate industry and passionate about the local community where he operates. He is a natural leader in the Sandringham office and a role model across the Hodges franchise network for aspiring young agents.

As a young agent, Angus is extremely tech savvy while still recognises the importance of traditional communication. He tailors his strategy to suit the needs of his client base. He continually researches new trends and ideas and embraces new technologies as they become available. His innovative nature, makes him the perfect fit for our evolving brand.

Angus is dedicated to continuous improvement and has been an active participant at multiple Hodges training sessions. During his journey to Directorship he has taken on board advice and mentoring from the Directors and remains humble and respectful despite the brilliant results he has been achieving at the Hodges quarterly and annual awards. When asked about development and improvement Angus humbly commented, “It’s is easy to get complacent or forget to do things. Training acts as a reminder and a steadier.”

Angus always acts with integrity, and firmly within the code of conduct. While he is totally committed to customer satisfaction he would never compromise his business ethics and is highly respectful of the industry.

While Angus is grounded and genuine, he is certainly a ‘go-getter’, with an in-built drive and motivation to succeed. Angus, however, would never compromise himself as a person to achieve his goals. He therefore closely aligns his career aspirations with his personal ones. “I aim to get better as an agent and as a person each year. I aspire to be like the senior owners at Hodges. I want to live a comfortable life and be around to interact and support my kids in their schooling and family holidays in the future. I would like to be an owner in a business and continue to use my time more and more effectively. The goal for this financial year is to double my gross commission introduced and break into the million-dollar club.”

Congratulations on receiving your Hodges Directorship Angus. We have no doubt this won’t be the end of your story!