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An Agent’s Five Best Skills That Help Secure The Best Result

October 31, 2014 Sandringham Office News

This week, Paul Bond, Hodges Sandringham director offered practical advice on what to look for when selecting an agent to the readers of Property Observer. Prospective vendors were given useful information on how they can ensure that the real estate agent they recruit to sell their property can gain the best price for the sale.

According to Paul Bond, ‘A real estate agent’s definitive role is to get the best possible result at sale for its client. However, how each agent undertakes this process can vary from agency to agency. Selecting the right agent plays a crucial role in driving the result and who you chose to sell your most expensive asset could alter the outcome dramatically’.

Paul’s top five things vendor should look for in an agent are:

  • Successfully selling – To gain optimum results an agent needs to go over and above the basics and demonstrate exceptional sales and interpersonal skills.
  • An ethical approach – It goes without saying that a good agent should act ethically at all times. Buyers are very astute and know when an agent is misleading them. Acting unethically will see potential buyers lose interest. Not the ideal scenario.


  • Knowledge is power – For an agent to secure the best price for the vendor they should possess a great deal of expertise in the local area. This product knowledge will help when quoting a realistic reserve for a property which will attract the most prospective buyers.
  • Experience – An experienced agent should be able to read buyers and have the skill set to act accordingly ensuring both buyer and seller are happy and confident to work with the agency.
  • Finding a buyer – Ultimately the vendor wants to sell their property for the best price and for this to happen the agent needs to be able to bring as many enthusiastic and voracious buyers to the table.

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